Money; The Root Of All Evil?: 31-Day Bible Study Workbook On Money

Is money really that bad? Is it the root of all evil? Is it ordained unto every man to be rich? Are some people just better than others based on their financial situations? Why are some born into rich homes and others are not? Is there a secret to making money?

Well, this bible study workbook takes you through a day-to-day study about what the bible says about money, what our state of mind should be as Christians concerning financial gains, and what God expects from us in return for His blessings.

After this 31-day bible study, you should be able to discern how the world sees Money and what knowledge God expects his children to have about Money. On completion we will answer all the questions a Christian may have about Money and how they should live their lives so it doesn’t become another god to them.

Find out the warning signs which steer you clear of the evil that money can bring. Know more about where Money should rank in our list of priorities during our walk of faith. Open your heart and mind to the spirit and let it teach you the ways of our Lord. Go out each day with conviction in your heart concerning God’s intended gifts for your life.


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